Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Problem Solving Math Centers

I love math centers, but sometimes it is hard to plan because of the diversity and different learning levels in a classroom.  Also, the work involved can, at times, be overwhelming.  Number Tiles are a great way to add variety as well as differentiate math learning.  I have created two Number Tile activity books, one for the primary grades, and another for grades 5-8. Each book contains a variety of math problem solving activities that range in difficulty. The pages may be copied and laminated so they can be used from year to year. 

These activities may be placed at a center for math practice.  They are also a perfect resource for those students who finish an assignment early.  Use these activities to reteach a concept to a small group as well as to introduce a new mathematical concept to the whole class.

Objectives:  To problem solve using Number Tiles; to use critical thinking skills; to arrange the Number Tiles correctly.

Materials Needed:  Number Tile Pages; Number Tile Keeper (page 2) – one per student (copy and cut apart); Construction Paper or cardstock in a variety of colors


1)  Using squares of construction paper or colored cardstock:

a)    Cut ten 1” squares for each student. 
b)    Number the tiles, using the numerals 0 - 9. 
c)    You may laminate these if you wish. 
d)    Store the Number Tiles in a snack size plastic bag.

2)   The Number Tile activities require that the students use each tile only once.  However, some of the activities will not require that all ten tiles be used; so, follow the directions carefully.

An answer key is included with both resources. 

Just click on  Number Tiles for the Primary Grades or Number Tiles for Grades 5-8   Both are FREE downloads.

Thanks!  Scipi

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