Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sight Word Game Boards

Need an engaging way to get your kids to practice their sight words?  Try this!

Students will need 1 die, 1 game board, 1 place marker for each player(i.e. counter, teddy bear manipulative or any other small thing you have on hand), and 1 color marker/crayon per player.  When the player rolls they may advance the number rolled.  The player must then read the sight word and have it approved by the other players.  If correct, the player may color the space claiming a point.  This space is no longer playable and must be skipped for the remainder of the game.  If the word is read incorrectly, the player returns to the original spot prior to rolling.  The board loops so the game will continue until all spaces have been colored.  The student with the most spaces colored wins!

These game boards were created to be printed out for students to color.  If you prefer to save on copies and paper, slip your print outs into plastic sheet protectors and have the students color with dry erase markers instead!  There are 3 boards in all which feature the Fry's 1st 100 Sight Words (which overlap with the Sitton Sight Words).  Click the package preview below to snag it!


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