Thursday, February 16, 2012

DIBELS Freebies

 I am very excited to share with you Letter Naming Fluency Practice Monthly Pages and an updated Non Sense Word Fluency Monthly set too!  Please stop by my blog to see how I use these pages daily without taking any instruction time away! 

First page is the Letter Naming Fluency practice page.  Kids practice reading a mixture of upper and lower case letters for speed and accuracy.  Sometimes I will have them circle the upper and cross out the lower case letters too to reinforce that concept. 

The next page is Non Sense Word Fluency. We practice as a group saying each sound and them blending them back together (after all you have to remember to composite score can keep kids from being benchmark... see the post DIBELS I Did Not Realize!)   I have also updated this document because I realize now that first grade does these pages at the beginning of the year


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