Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make a Word–Know What it Means

makingwordsHave you ever had your students make words with their word families, and they could make the words but didn’t know what the words meant?  You know, it’s –op family week and they make the words: cop, top, hop, shop, chop, pop.  “Very Good!” You tell them, then you ask them to tell you a sentence or draw a picture of the word chop and you realize they have no idea what that word means!  It’s easy to make words with a word family, but many kids make lots of words that they will never use in their writing or understand in their writing, even if they can sound them out.  My solution for this is my Making Words Center – where students not only make a word, but they match the picture to the word, increasing the chance that they will understand all these words they are making.  This is especially important for my English Language Learners, but it really benefits everyone!  Try the ACK family for free, or find centers for 41 different word families for just $12.00 at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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