Thursday, February 9, 2012

Measurement Words Computer Center

Each month my class changes math topics.  Last month, we studied money.  This month, we are working on measurement. Luckily, I teach first grade, so we are only measuring with non-standard units – some of the older students I work with are having such an issue with customary units (which are not commonly usedcliffordmeasurement2 where I teach in Morocco) that I don’t think I’d like to go down that road in the classroom!  Unfortunately, measuring with non-standard units is a hard topic to find computer games on. I was about to give up and let this month’s computer center simply focus on addition ( a skill we can always use practice in!), and then I came across a great PBS game that works on the language that goes along with measurement. You know: longer, shorter, higher, lower, heavier, lighter. For my English Language Learners, this will be a great way to work on that vocabulary that comes naturally to those of us who speak English as a first language.  Here’s a link to the game, which uses Clifford to get kids thinking about those comparison vocabulary words.
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