Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shapes Computer Center

3-dshapesMy students are currently studying 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.  So, during math centers, our critical thinking/computer center has been this cool website from Primary Resources to help them identify 3-dimensional shapes even when they see them from different angles or without the entire shape.  This concept can be hard for my students, but this great website that shows partially buried and angled 3-dimensional shapes really helped.  shapebook
It’s been a great way to review this concept, and I reinforced it with this little shape booklet.  Students took the booklet home and searched for items in their house that were certain 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.  The booklet is a great way for them to see that a can of green beans is also a cylinder!  Grab a free copy of the booklet from Google Docs to use with your class if you’d like.  

Stop by Raki’s Rad Resources for more computer center ideas.

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Pizza Party!

We are having a pizza party and you are invited. Click on the picture to grab your pizza printables!

Under the Sea Contractions

I've been working with my students on contractions using NOT, ARE, and IS.

Come on over and see how I got my inspiration for this contraction freebie!


Calendar Center

aprilcalendarbookfreebieDo you have a hard time keeping your students engaged in Calendar?  This year, my students decided they wanted to play more than listen at calendar time, so I put calendar into a center.  Now, during math centers, calendarbookfreebiethey complete the day’s page in their calendar booklet.  Then, when it’s time for calendar, they have all the answers and they are more engaged in our activity.  This is especially helpful to my low-English students who refused to raise their hand for fear of having the wrong answer.  Now, they know where we are and what we’re doing because they can follow along in their calendar books.  Instead of playing, they are now able to follow along and participate.  It also keeps them accountable for the important skills we cover during calendar time, and I can quickly and easily see who is understanding the skills we work on and who is not and may need a small group mini lesson.  Grab a free copy of April’s Calendar Book from Google Docs to use with your class, and feel free to stop by Raki’s Rad Resources for more quality teaching tips and resources.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Do You Do Data Binders? See How I Do & Freebie!

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Do You Do Data Binders? See How I Do & Freebie!: I'm using data binders with my kids! See how I'm using Data Binders in my class and get a free pack to get started with your own class!


R is for Rabbit Freebie!

I love to make hats out of sentence strips.. so here is a freebie I just threw together!  Start by writing the letter Rr or Rr words on a sentence strip.  Then color and cut the pieces.  Glue the face and tail on the front and back.  The ears are probably most easily stapled to the sides and flopped down or to the back standing up, facing forward!  Super cute!  

If you love this hat, you may also like this... an Alphabet Hat for each letter!  Stop by to see! 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Make Learning Center Bento Boxes!

I love to eat Japanese bento boxes for lunch.  I also love learning centers.  Stop by my blog to see how you can make your own learning center bento boxes for your classroom.  Click Here

Common Core Standards Math Task Cards For Grades 1 & 2

Spring break has been fun!  Even if you love your job, a break sometimes is still good.  I am back with Common Core Math task cards this time.  Yippee!  They cover ALL (Yes All) The categories in the math standards.  They are for the low price of $2.50.  Click the links for more information.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Laura Numeroff Lit and Math Centers

I just finished my latest unit!! I am so excited to start on these next week!
There are TWELVE different centers and activities that you can use with Laura Numeroff's circle stories. 

Come on over to read about them!

IT Family File Folder Game

Are your students working on the IT word family? Here is a simple file folder game to put in a center to review the IT word family.  Students can do this center independently or with a group. They work their way around the game board by reading each word family word and finding the matching picture. Grab yourself a copy for just $0.99 at my TPT store.

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April word wall cards- free

Words are

find an important place in your classroom for them. Use a special wall to display and organize new words, grammar words, seasonal words, etc

A word wall is an organized collection of words prominently displayed in a classroom. This display is used as an interactive tool for teaching reading and spelling to children. There are many different types of word walls including high frequency words, word families, names, alphabet, etc

Word walls have many benefits. They teach children to recognize and spell high frequency words, see patterns and relationship in words, build phonemic awareness skills and apply phonics rules. Word walls also provide reference support for children during reading and writing activities. Children learn to be independent as they use the word walls in daily activities.

These are some cards I made for my monthly word wall corner.

You can sort words by proper or common nouns
You can sort words by beginning sounds

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Addition & Subtraction Fact Center

My student’s favorite center this week is one we made together.  I let my students make their own flash cards 100_7339this week with extra index cards.  Then, we put the flash cards in a little red tub and added a timer set to one minute.  My students race to see how many they can get correct in one minute.  It’s been so popular this week that more people asked to go there than to my computer center
100_7216One of the reasons this center has proved it be so popular is that my students are ultra competitive!  Each day they take a one minute addition quiz. and  if they get 100% they get to color a star and hang it on our chart.  When they get to 10 stars they get a certificate and a candy.  So, when they realized that those who can get a lot of cards at this center can also get a lot of stars on the chart – they were all over it! 
I have a copy of this  reward system available to you for FREE at TPT or Raki’s Shop.  You can also grab the tests for addition and subtraction at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Word Families Under Construction FREEBIE!

I pulled out some of my word family pages a few weeks ago and thought . . . I wish I had just one word family per page.   I decided to make some! Click the pic and head on over to get your FREEBIE now!

I've got one for 'short a' and I'm working on some other word families too! Can't wait to see you on the other side!

Battleship Board Game Center

Do you ever use board games in your centers? I love to use board games so much that each week, I write a blog post with suggestions about how to use a particular game in your classroom. Normally, I use a new game in small group first. Then, once my students are comfortable with the rules of the game, and the various variations, I put it in a center to continue reinforcing the skill while students think they are playing.
Here are two blog posts I recently wrote about how to use Battleship in your classroom:
battleship2   battleship

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