Friday, March 9, 2012

Computer Based Listening Center

At my previous school, we had 6 computers per classroom, and my kids were on the computer constantly!  In my current classroom, I only have one computer, so it is much harder to use the computer effectively.  One way I am able to use the computer effectively is to use it as my listening center.  There are lots of great websites that have “online stories” that children can listen to.   Here are 3 websites, all of which make great listening centers!
1. Storyline Online – This is one of my favorites because it has storylinecelebrities reading really good, quality books to the students AND it shows the words of the book on the bottom, so students can follow along.
2. Reading Is FundamentalrifThis site has some great classic stories, like Cinderella and The Fox and the Grapes, and all the stories have the words for the students to follow along with.
3. Mighty Booksmightybook – These original stories are very colorful, animated and well read.  You can get more books with a subscription, but there are 8 stories you can listen to for free!

If you need a recording sheet for your students when they are at the listeningcenterlistening center – HERE is a quick, easy one I have in Google Docs.

Check Raki’s Rad Resources for other websites you can use in your computer center.

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