Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vocabulary Center

VocabularyGraphHere’s a quick and easy sheet to put in a vocabulary center to allow students to look more in depth at their vocabulary.  Students will: create their own definition, find an “expert’s” definition, find synonyms, antonyms, write sentences and illustrate all on one sheet.  Here’s how to fit it into your centers:
- Assign students a vocabulary word and give them this sheet to complete for their assigned words.  The vocabulary words could be from your reading, math, science, social studies – or even that test prep vocabulary!
- I type a list of their names, laminate it and just write their word next to their name each week – easy peasy differentiation!
- Allow students to work through the graph a little at a time.
- At the end of the week, I like to have students do a jigsaw and “teach” their group about their assigned word. 
You can grab a copy of this sheet at my TPT store for just $2!
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