Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dots Lots of Fun

I am always looking for ordinary items that can be used in the classroom as manipulatives. I'm a firm believer in the Conceptual Development Model which advocates teaching the concrete (using manipulatives) prior to moving to the pictorial before even thinking about the abstract.  When I was at the Dollar Store (a great, inexpensive place to purchase school stuff) I saw sets of dominoes for $1.00 each.  Since they were inexpensive and readily available, I decided to create several math activities and games to introduce, reinforce, or reteach math concepts. 

So think outside that box of dominoes and use them as an inexpensive math manipulative because Dots Lots of Fun!

Check out all my two FREETeachers Pay Teachers.
  1. Dots Fun for Everyone - Three math activities and one game for the intermediate grades.
  2. Dots Fun - Three math activities and one game for the primary grades.

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