Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's fool day

Do you teach about April's fool day with your kids? 
I found that April Fools' Day is about more than playing jokes, tricks and pranks.  Check out what I found about April 1st. 
In the 16th century, France celebrated the New Year just like we do today, except they partied on April 1st. In 1562, Pope Gregory changed the calendar to the one we use today and from then on, the New Year began on January 1st. Lots of peeps didn't know about the new calendar, or they ignored the new calendar and kept celebrating on April 1st. Everyone else called them April fools and played tricks on them.
I don't like the idea of playing tricks in my class, but I made a set of "knock, knock" jokes to have fun with my  kids

-Knock, knock!
-who's this?
-Justin who?
- Justin time for dinner!

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