Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jelly Bean Math Activities - Freebie!

Love to incorporate candy when I can! Here's some free jelly bean activities for graphing, sorting, and tallying!

One other fun thing I like to do is give the kids their beans in plastic eggs!  Sometime I even hide them in the classroom.  It really is a management thing because instead of passing them out or putting them in bags I have the ready to go when the lesson starts in eggs!  =)  (Gotta find ways to keep the fun right!)

I provided with color and without because last year I had to white out colors when I could not find the exact colors on the freebie I used! So frustrating to have to search for jelly bean bags with specific colors!

And a parent letter to get them donated!  Because money is hard to come by these days for us teachers!  

If you love it make sure you leave comments and ratings!  Hope everyone has a great day!

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