Monday, February 11, 2013

Grade 1 Reading Street Bundled Simple Centers

A while back I started making up my Simple Centers for my first graders Reading Street series stories.  They are $2 for each center and I have all the stories for units 2, 3, 4 and 5 completed.  I plan on revising my unit 1 centers so they will be Simple Centers too. 

I have now bundled each unit as a zip. Each unit has the simple centers for all 6 stories for that unit. They are priced at $10 a bundled unit.  Click on any of the pictures below to see what centers are in each bundle. 

What is so great about these centers is that they follow the same simple directions.  Once your kiddos know how to play the games they will know how to play them all and you won't have to reteach directions every time you have center time.  It's a win win situation for you (the teacher) and your kiddos. 

Unit 2 bundled centers {all 6}
Unit 3 bundled centers {all 6}

Unit 4 bundled centers {all 6}

Unit 5 bundled centers {all 6}

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