Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reading Response Book Marks

Last year my school steered us towards doing more Reading Response to Independent Reading.  Although I've always used graphic organizers and done reading response through a more guided and whole group or small group manner, so this was a little bit of a challenge for me to implement with my students . . . as independent work.

I ended up focusing on 1 Common Core standard each week (or for a couple of weeks).  We would discuss these standards and dissect our whole group reading, practicing them and then search for these standards in the books we read during Independent or Buddy Reading.  2 things I noticed about these reading responses:
1)  The graphic organizers/response forms could consume a lot of copies.
2)  If the standard was too broad or not specific enough, my students could get lost.

That's why I developed these Common Core Aligned Reading Response Book Marks that can be used at centers as a response to Independent or Buddy Reading.  They are pretty concise and will save you on copies.  Plus, they are easy to keep track of from an organizational standpoint since they serve as a bookmark if the student is unable to finish in one sitting (or needs to take a break for the bathroom, reading group, fire drill . . . whatever!)

Hope you enjoy!

(Please note that while they are aligned specifically to 1st Grade Common Core Standards, these standards do stretch across grade levels to varying degrees.)

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