Saturday, August 3, 2013

Camp Write-a-Lot...Make Handwriting an Adventure!

It's not just pencils that get dull...Sometimes handwriting practice can get boring and routine. Spark some enthusiasm for writing practice by creating "Camp Write-a-Lot!" Here are some ideas for setting up a camping-themed writing center:

* Start with a tent and pretend campfire, of course! 
* Add stumps or small camp chairs for seating.
* Store writing items in coolers or tackle boxes.
* Provide small flashlights or binoculars for looking at letters.
* Offer small sticks or plastic bugs for tracing letters.
* Supply small rocks and ropes for letter formation.
* Celebrate hard work with smores and trail mix. 

If you need more ideas, I've collected some camping ideas for you at this Pinterest Board:

For a real handwriting adventure, take a look at my Camp Write-a-Lot unit. It is packed with letter cards, practice pages, word cards, and more.

How do YOU add adventure to handwriting practice. We would love for you to share your great ideas!

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