Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vocabulary Shake Up

Vocabulary Shake Up

Because my college students fail to study vocabulary, even for a test, I created a new game called Vocabulary Shake Up. It is a set of four game boards specifically designed to practice vocabulary in any discipline. Two of the game boards are for six different words and the other two are designed to practice 12 words. The games can be used to review, study, and practice previous learned vocabulary or even to introduce and use new vocabulary. All games are designed for two players.

Each game board is divided into six sections. From a word list chosen by the teacher, each player chooses six different vocabulary words. In each box, the students write one word, putting a different word in each box. The players take turns rolling the die and following the directions given in each section of the game board. Complete directions are listed on each game board.Check it out!

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